Sunday & Monday

The Moon represents our emotional nature. Though there are many variables taking places all at once astrologically, I have found that noticing what sign the moon resides in helps me understand those emotional currents that sometimes consume us without warning.


The Moon will be in Libra on Sunday and Monday which means that the relationships and areas in your life that feel out of balance, or the places you feel like there are injustices in your life might just be putting themselves all up in yo face. Remember to step back and allow the pieces to work themselves out and find a place before you dive in to rectify the situation. Yes, there may be some places where your need to step in, but overall – don’t get too far ahead of yourself. 


Remember, during these times when the water feels turbulent and you’re unsure of how some things will fall into place, to stay focused on what you know for sure. You know that you want to feel ease in your life. You know you want those around you feel loved and heard and safe and you know, for sure, that you want to feel connected to the world around you and the things you are choosing to participate in. Magic is manifesting right now. It may not be clear how, when, or why – but it is. Patience is required at this time as your vision continues to unfold. You are not setback in any way. You already have all the answers you need. Nothing is missing from the equation. More time is needed right now. Allow for the process to do its thing. Take your hands off the wheel. 


  • Make a list of the areas that feel out of balance for you
  • Withdraw from relationships that are uneven in energy exchange for the time being
  • Take care of the small things you can physically do with your hands
  • Organize your kitchen cabinets
  • Clean your baseboards

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