Surrender, Doing it Right & Envy

Do it right

Something The Mister said the other day that stuck with me:

If I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it right.

It very much coincides with where we are in Ponder right now. We’re talking about integrity and what it means to be your word.

Can you imagine what it would be like if everything we said yes to we went into it with the attitude of doing it right or not doing it at all? Powerful stuff.


Surrendering isn’t something I always remember to do. In fact, I often go through a lot of struggle before I even remember that surrendering is an option. Other days, when I do remember, I surrender 300 times or more.

I forget that when I am one with God; when I share my thoughts with the Universe – struggle dissipates. It is only when I separate myself that there is ever conflict.


I find myself envying the lives of others as I watch them through this online filter. I desire the ease that these “others” have when putting their work into the world.

And then I realize that this idea I have of how it is for them is my delusional perception. It is a reality that I have created by gathering and compiling assumptions.

Then I ask myself,

what about my life do I love? What is it that makes me feel joyful? Where am I disconnected and how can I heal that? How can I authentically share myself with the world right now?


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