• Spirituality
  • Guided by God

    I have been alive on this planet for 30 whole years. No, it is not my birthday today (that is in September). It’s just that the number thirty has been on my mind a lot lately. In the last decade of my life I’ve moved to a new a city, gone on a three-month road […]

  • Money
  • What’s Your Money Story?

    In 2009 I started taking Landmark Education classes. They completely transformed my relationship to well, everything. One of the things we learned about in the classes what the difference between the “truth” and our “stories about the truth”. Today, on Prosperity Playground, Lisa Carmen is talking about some of the money stories she’s held onto over the […]

  • Miracle-Readiness
  • Magical Bag O’ Surrender

    If you’ve ever taken one of my eCourses or have had a Soul Session with me, chances are you’ve heard about my super-awesome-incredible-bag-of-surrender. I use this bag for many different reasons, but always for the same purpose – to let go. To hand over my problem to God/Source/The Universe. I learn more and more every […]