The Week of December 10th

December never ceases to bring weird feels for me. There is a twinge of sadness overlaying everything – even though there is nothing in particular causing me to feel sad. It’s not constant, but it’s there.

I have to be aware of how I navigate these winter months for myself. I take more Epsom salt baths, I participate in more rituals because working my spiritual magic leaves me feeling grounded and connected, more like myself.

I schedule less group classes and in-person events because frankly, I do not have the energy to hold space for more than one or two people at a time. Do you experience isolating, sad, and lonely vibes during the winter months – how do you care for yourself when the lull hits?

I’d like to add that these periods of time are not a bad thing. While we are here on this planet, we are creatures of cycles and rhythms. The contrast of a low vibrational experience helps us to see where our values are and what we’re wanting more of or less of in our lives. It also helps us to see what is no longer a vibrational match for us.

We get to choose what we do with the information we collect during phases of our life.

This year I have spent more time watching, reading, and listening to paranormal documentaries. Recently I’ve ventured more into UFOs and extraterrestrial conversations. I enjoy how it feels when my mind expands to consider a possible truth that hadn’t yet occurred to me. I like how it feels when I am reminded and continuously astounded at how little we know as individuals and collectively. It brings me relief, truly. 

There is so much heaviness in even pretending like you have all the answers. It seems we find comfort as a species in acting as though we know things. Patterns provide us with information, yes. We can collect all the data. But it never fails that there are almost always variables we can’t consider or didn’t see coming at all. 

On this week of December 10th, I’d like to invite you to open your mind and consider that you do not know the answers. You do not know the purpose of what is unfolding now. Doing so will allow you to release your grasp and surrender into a greater universal flow where you can begin to call experiences to you, rather than desperately seeking a solution. You don’t need a solution, there is no problem. 

Now let’s get to the cards I pulled for you this week. Keep in mind as you continue forward, the first two cards, fertility and eight of pentacles, were upside down or reversed – so they will hold a different meaning than if they were right side up. But we’ll get into that shortly. 

Fun fact! The table featured in the images here was given to us by The Mister’s Nana. All of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren have learned to pull up by grasping the edge of the table. I appreciate these furniture pieces that hold history and character but are also functional. I feel grateful to have it in my home.

The cards I used today are pulled from the first deck I ever received, The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.


This benevolent Navajo corn goddess symbolizes the ever-changing, ever-fertile earth. Like the earth itself, Estsanatlehi appears as a young maiden for the spring and summer months; as the wheel of the year changes to fall and winter, she changes in age to a crone. Meanings: Feelings of fertility and abundance. A new relationship which celebrates one’s growth as a woman. Creativity. A pregnancy.

Reversed: Time to look at where your life needs fertilizing. Deprivation or sterility.

This card is bringing to attention to the places that provide you comfort. It is good to have and utilize these things, but it is also good to know when too much of a good thing is too much. 

For instance, when it is colder, I prefer to be at home more. I enjoy having a fire, being in my office, spending time alone. Reflecting over the year that has almost come to pass, and allow myself to sleep more. But too much of this can feed those feelings of sadness I experience when the cold arrives too. So while all of these things are wonderful and I love and look forward to them, I also make sure I schedule time to go to a yoga class, meet up with Heather for a chat, and plan for small encounters with friends so I can stay social and clear-minded. 

Consider what things bring you comfort, but also how too much of a good thing can cloud or take you away from your original heart-centred intention. It might also be beneficial for you to explore in writing or through meditation the experience of deprivation. What ways are you currently feeling deprived and also, how does deprivation serve us in our lives? Not the lives of other people, but specifically your life.

Which takes us back to what I wrote about earlier in this post, how the contrast of high and lull show us where our values are.


“Drawing upon her talents, the woman paints a gold pentacle upon a canvas. She is encircled by an arc of seven pentacles. Meanings: The appearance of this card in a reading for an artist or craftsperson is an affirmation of skill and talent. Fair payment for hard work. Meeting deadlines. Developing talents.

Reversed: Avoiding work. Unhappiness with money received for work given; need to adjust the balance.

It does not surprise me that this card came out reversed for the week. So many of us are experiencing financial restriction in some way. Given, we are all experiencing it differently – nonetheless it is there. 

In what ways are you dissatisfied with the compensation you are receiving? A more difficult question to ponder may be, what in your vibration is not in alignment with the kind of compensation you want to be receiving? It’s time to bring some hyper-awareness to the beliefs you are housing within you and how they contradict the kind of lifestyle/ financial flow you desire.


The British horse goddess Rhiannon is believed to appear to her followers while riding an unearthly white horse. In this way, Rhiannon symbolizes the unceasing force of movement which pulls all of life along with it. Meanings: Movement into the next phase of life. If you are feeling impatient, don’t worry: transitions will go smoothly. Career advancement. Good timing!”

Do not mistake this lull for stagnation. We are not standing still at all. We are moving up and around. Some things may feel similar or familiar to your past, but as you sift through your heart and mind and let go of the beliefs you’ve been holding tight to that no longer fit, you will begin to feel lighter. This is forever a part of the cycle of life. You will never reach a point where the lull does not happen, but you can start to operate differently inside of them when they do.


  • Monday, December 10 / Aquarius
  • Tuesday, December 11 / Aquarius
  • Wednesday, December 12 / Aquarius
  • Thursday, December 13 / Pisces
  • Friday, December 14 / Pisces
  • Saturday, December 15 / Aries
  • Sunday, December 16 / Aries


This week is going to continue to be very airy and watery feelings. We will spend the greater part of the week sifting through the emotions and experiences coming up. It might be difficult to conjure energy to plow through the tasks at hand.

Yes, some things will just need to be done, but if there is something that can be put off, I imagine we’ll be regaining momentum as the weekend arrives. Continue to allow things to flow, no forcing. Let the cosmos do their job and keep your hands off for the time being. Spend your energy focused on the small tasks at hand in front of you. Tie up the loose ends you know are there now. You can spend time fantasizing about the future as long as it is helping you move into alignment, but do not get frustrated if some of the pieces do not yet make sense. They will in the coming days. Have patience.