The Week of December 17th

Hello Friends,

It’s lovely to see you here. After doing a reading with Heather and a lovely woman this morning, I’ve spent the evening watching Sleepless in Seattle, taking these lovely photos of our tarot spread for the week, and getting the scoop on the messages that are coming through for us! 

I had so much fun last week hearing about how the reading resonated with you all. I enjoy doing this work and how it feels showing up in this way, but hands down my favorite part is when you tell me how a piece of what came through move or shifted your experience in some kind of positive way. 

I really appreciate you being here. Thank you.

The cards I used are pulled from The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. All photos were taken by yours truly.


  • Spend time taking action towards your intentions this week that you originally set on the last New Moon (December 7th).
  • Surrender your own timeline and lean into your allowing energy as you trust how and when your intention is falling into place.
  • Make plans to celebrate, even if it’s just some journaling with yourself and candle for Friday, December 21st – it’s the Winter Solstice followed by the Full Moon on the 22nd.
  • No forcing. No pushing. Allowing is the way.
  • Things are in transistion. Give things space so they can work out on their own.
  • Clean up the places where you are vibrationally out of alignment. 
  • Relax


“A heart, floating in a stormy sky, is pierced by three swords. The eye of Isis is superimposed upon it, representing an eye-opening experience that can bring tears or wisdom. A sharp pain to the heart—disappointment, end of a love relationship, separation. Sorrow that can enlighten or can debilitate. Oversensitivity.”

Have you noticed that the sweetest things that happen in life often come with some sort of contrast? One piece of the happening is bright and shiny and heartwarming, and then, there is another place you have to make some sacrifices, or embrace something unexpected in order to receive. 

You find the perfect place to live, but it costs a little more than you anticipated paying. You get the job you always wanted, but a couple of your co-workers prove challenging to work alongside. You meet a dreamy new man in alignment with your beliefs, desires, values – but he isn’t entirely your type appearance wise. 

This week, we are invited to take a hands off approach in terms of how we allow our intentions to manifest. There are things on your calendar and your to do lists that you can take action with towards your intention. However, don’t waste any time wondering when things will come together or make sense, or how they will – things are still sorting themselves out. 

Do what you know needs to be done and when it comes to things you don’t know, put them down. No forcing. No pushing. Allowing is the way.


“Wrapped in rags, two beggars wander through a snowy landscape. One woman covers her face against the harsh cold; the other looks up at the snow and notices its beauty. Poverty that forces one to look within for greater resources. This poverty may be personified as a lack of wealth or in a sense of emotional sterility. Reversed: These feelings are transitory. A more prosperous phase of life is on its way.

You may think you know what’s going on this week, remind yourself that you don’t. With the moon spending the first part of the week in Aries and Taurus, coupled with us being in the gibbous moon phase (allowing) – it may prove to be difficult to not push ahead or force things into place, but if you choose to take that road you’re just creating unnecessary suffering for yourself. No forcing. No pushing. Allowing is the way.

Remember that any strife you encounter is likely coming from how uncomfortable it feels to not have the answers you need right at the exact moment you need them. That discomfort is coming from fear of something not working out.

It’s going to work out. It’s okay. Take a breath.

Keep in mind that the ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and “MORE THAN 80% of it has been unmapped, unexplored, and unobserved.”

….. so uh ….. there’s a lot we don’t know, including many things right on this very planet and yet, we are still here floating in space, waking up every day, for around 200,000 years now. So I think you can let go and let the cosmos align some material circumstances to help lift you up at this time. 

Note: You can tell the difference between when you are forcing and when you are allowing based on how you feel in your body. When you are forcing your body is tense and constricted. When you are allowing, you feel relaxed. 

THE MOON, DIANA (reversed)

“In ancient Rome, Diana was honored as the goddess of the moon as well as of wild forests and animals. The changing moon reflects the cycles of nature and of life. Support of women who truly care for you. Intuition. The receptive aspects of the Divine Feminine. Intense dreams. Reversed: Feeling as changeable as the moon. Discomfort with intuition, the mother.”

Every month I am more and more all about the Moon. I recently came across Ezzie Spencer who wrote Lunar Abundance. I haven’t read her book yet, but I am implementing her phases chart that supports you in living your life and attracting abundance (or your desires) by engaging with the energy each moon phases brings. I find this often reflects my natural rhythms, so it is a pleasure to have information that helps me lean into the process even more. 

Towards the end of the week our moon grows Full during the Winter Solstice in the sign of Gemini and then Cancer. This card combine with the astrological phases leads me to wonder if many of us will be questioning what the crap is going on. Maybe some of the intentions we set at the New Moon took a complete left turn. Or perhaps things are looking desolate. 

Remember that material illusions are not always what they seem in this physical world and there is always an undercurrent of energy moving and flowing behind the scenes. You tune into different aspects of the current based on the energetic vibration you operate within. 

If you are in a period of reassessment right now, look at where and how you can clean up your vibe. 

The Intention: I want a new home

  • contradicting vibration: I bet I won’t find anything in my price range.
  • aligned vibration: My home will find me at the perfect time.

While participating in either of these vibrations you can be looking for housing in the areas you want to be, searching online and on Zillow. You can put the word out to people you know or connect with a realtor.

The difference is that when you are operating from an aligned vibration there is no resistance between you and what you want to experience. You’re focused on what you do have control over – your thoughts, vibes, and actions. The universe is doing what it does best – echoing back to you what you’re putting out there. 

When your desire comes to manifest it may not look how you thought it would. But you need to trust that the experience will bring you to how it is you desire to feel and that’s what really matters anyway.

Consider what changes you’re feeling uncomfortable with. Consider how it is you are changing right now. Think about how you might clean up your vibe. Where are you misaligned? Saying and wanting one thing, and believing another?


  • Monday, December 17 / Aries
  • Tuesday, December 18 / Taurus
  • Wednesday, December 19 / Taurus
  • Thursday, December 20 / Gemini
  • Friday, December 21 / Gemini / Winter Solstice
  • Saturday, December 22 / Cancer / Full Moon
  • Sunday, December 23 / Cancer


Your intentional action this week is to stay in your body. That looks different for a lot of us. Some people need their feet on the ground. Others go to yoga. Sometimes a simple deep intentional breath and exhale is enough. 

From this place of being in your body, you can become acutely aware of what feels like forcing and when you are allowing. This week is all about allowing. Next week – we will do some moving “ahead”. Or rather, forward.

If you need to do something physical and tangible, make a list of all the loose ends that can be tied up right now. Place your focus on closing the chapters that have been weighing on you at the moment. 

ALSO – you can plan a little ritual or gathering with friends to honor the Winter Solstice and the Full Moon. Heather and I will be gathering for something small. Lighting a candle, saying a prayer, releasing unserving restraints.

That is all I have for you this week, my friend. We have all sorts of conversations going on in our private community The Goddess Daily on Facebook. You can also find me on instagram and be sure to check my out from time to time because I sporadically do Pick Your Price readings where I pull cards for you personally and YOU get to name the contribution. ♥

If you’re feeling called to work with me, but aren’t quite sure where to start, send me an email. Let’s get on the phone and chat about what that might look like >>