Today, My Son Will Arrive

The day has come. There is no more wondering when The Little Mister will arrive. When we will get to see his face + hold him tight.

This morning The Mister + I head to the hospital to begin inducing labor. And at some point today, August 7th 2012 we will meet our son for the first time.

I’m experiencing so many things; fear, anxiety, nerves, love, faith, joy, hope, yearning, terror.

I took yesterday to pamper myself + my body with a pedicure + massage considering what I will be put through physically today.

I art journaled. I was honest + patient with myself + those around me. I took deep, deep breaths.

Before I laid down for rest I put the final items in my hospital bag. I grabbed a rose quartz stone, laid out my turtle necklace + placed my art journal neatly into place.

I don’t know what this day will hold for us, but I trust that at the end of it I will love my life about a million times more.

>deep breath<

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