Trading Up

A while back I was doing some work with Frame of Mind Coaching. They have this concept called trading up.

It works like this: if you’re thinking a thought that’s not serving you like, “I hate my job” and want to move from that space into a better one, you trade up.

I would choose something like “I like the people I get to work with”.  Or something that rings true for you and has a better feeling to it than your previous, uninspiring thought.

It could be…. 

The coffee I drank this morning was delicious!

I love how this chair supports my back.

I’m grateful that I have a job right now.

How can I put a smile on someone’s face today?

The possibilities are endless! We trade up because like attracts like. The law of attraction and manifestation don’t have to be difficult. 

And it’s silly to try and take mental-leaps from “I hate my job” to “I love my job” – because there is no honest emotion in that jump.

It’s not about the words we say or thoughts we think – it’s about the emotions that are attached to them.

How you feel when you think it or say it.

Obviously, “I hate my job” produces an emotion of discomfort and unjoy. (Yes, I just made that word up.)

But choosing something that produces just a little more happiness, more joyous emotion like “I love all the colorful pens I have at my desk” creates happiness where there was none and that, my friend, attracts more joy.

I’m telling you this because earlier this week I had a similar experience.

There was a brief day or two where money worries crossed my mind (something I often have to sweep away).

And instead of feeding into the worry and finding reasons why I should, in fact, be concerned – I traded up.

I chose to think “I am supported to The Universe. We are co-creators. I have everything I need, as I always have.

And just like that, money found me. It always does. It always has.

The difference is that I no longer choose to ride the emotional roller coaster that I now realize is completely and totally optional.

What thoughts will you be trading up today?

PS. Here is a similar, yet slightly different take on the same concept from Abraham-Hicks. I keep this video in my bookmarks!