Wading Through the Impatience + Irritation Only to Find Unity

This morning I was inspired by Lori-Lyn Hurley’s newsletter. She was speaking to the value of sharing your own truth, even when it’s messy. And that’s exactly where I am this morning.

Wading in the mess.

I’ve been writing to you every Monday for some time now. But while I was lying in bed, pondering what I would share with you today, nothing soul-sparking was coming to mind.

Because the truth is, I’m not in the best of spaces right now.

I’m irritated my little one hasn’t arrived yet. The anticipation is driving me mad. I’m tired of being pregnant. I want my body back. I’m SO VERY ready to move on to the next phase of my life and I’m frustrated that there’s nothing I can do I about it.

I didn’t want to share that because I don’t want your pity or sympathy.

I know that babies come when they’re ready and that it’ll be okay; I will be okay. I get that. But I’m still irritated. And I have no interest in moving from this space that I am in at the moment.

I want to sit in it for now. I want pout + be a baby.

I know it will pass eventually.

And while all of that was going on in my head before I crawled out of bed this morning, the word Unity arrived in my mind like a Divinely wrapped gift from the heavens.

Unity – The state or quality of being one; singleness. The state or quality of being in accord; harmony.

Like a breath of fresh air one word, one concept wiped out my misalignment.

Sure the irritation is still floating around inside of me. It rears its head now and then. I acknowledge it + then remind myself of that beautiful word, Unity.

For me, Unity is about being one with my vision. Whether it’s my life, my business, my marriage + soon to be new family. Moving in flow with these things means letting go of the unkind fearful thoughts I’m holding onto. 

It means creating space for my anger to be released. And trusting my relationship with God + The Universe.

What does Unity mean to you?