Visualize Success

I love working with my Oracle decks. The cards make me laugh. The universe amuses me through its messages.

Yesterday I was enticed so I pulled a card for myself from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle deck. It was “Visualize Success – see yourself doing well in this situation, and have faith in a positive outcome.

I laid the card on the table, face up and left it there all day. Looking at it occasionally. And thinking once or twice that it was affirming and referring to my newly discovered meditation practice where I day dream about the amazing home I am going live in. And how it will feel to have family and friends gathered around the fire. And by then, Sawyer will be old enough to help with the freakin’ dishes. But I digress.

So this morning, I sit down to write this post and decide I will draw cards to help guide my writing. I shuffle the deck, close my eyes and find the card that speaks to me. I end up pulling 4 cards. When I flip over the first one, it’s the very same card I drew yesterday!¬†Only now, it holds a new¬†meaning…

You see, I’ve been moving my body more this week. And I’ve create a challenge for myself that will ultimately allow me to renew my commitment to moving my body. This morning while I was at the gym I surrendered. I prayed as I rocked out on the elliptical.

“Spirit, I surrender this practice to you. I surrender my body to you. Every time I move I heal. I am transforming beyond my wildest dreams. I surrender this practice to you, Spirit. I surrender my body to you. Help me heal this misalignment.”

And so, this morning, for me “Visualize Success” tells me to begin practicing this in all areas of my life. This card is present twice now, because it is an important message for me to receive. And if you’re reading this, perhaps that is what it means for you too.

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