What Do You Want Wednesday: Vulnerability

What Do You Want Wednesday is the day we stop for a moment, take a deep breath + ask ourselves, “what is it our spirit is craving?” There is no declaration too big or small.

And no matter what day you are reading this on, your desires are always heard and amplified to The Universe.

What do I want this Wednesday?

I want to find my way back to vulnerability. It seems every so often I merge into these waves of anger, frustration and overall stand-offishness. Most people don’t notice. But where it really shows up is in my marriage. I can become cold and distant because I’ve created “walls” for no real reason.

When I notice they are there, I have to remind myself to chill out and be vulnerable. If I ignore my stand-offishness for too long, it really starts to cost me my joy. And today, I am at that point where I see the fork in the road and must choose.

I’m tired of living behind these stupid walls. Once again, I am knocking them down and building a bridge in their place. A bridge back to being soft and honest. Vulnerable and real.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you want this Wednesday?

One of my favorite parts of What Do You Want Wednesday is hearing your desires. It truly makes my day to read your responses and support them. So please, take a moment to share with me in the comment area below. I look forward to reading and supporting the declarations!