Washing My Face

On Sunday, October 14th I started washing my face everyday.

I know you might be thinking, “ooookay…

But for me, doing something consistently, everyday has always been a struggle.

A while back I got my astrology chart ready by Jennifer Shelton and she told me that routine was/is essential to my success. And yet, routine is something I resist.

But. Now that Sawyer is here. It’s kind of hard not to have SOME kind of routine. He tends to want the same things, at the same times of the day. So my own tasks have fallen into a routine as well and now, well, I kind of like it. 

So I was shopping with some girlfriends at the mall on the 13th at Sephora. I was looking at all the expensive face washing kits and what not. And I decided that before I could spend the money on something for my skincare I needed to at least use some of the stuff I already had, regularly to see if it actually worked.

Low and behold, not even a full two weeks later, my skin is clear. The acne “scars” that were once there are dissolving and it didn’t take anything I didn’t already have in my bathroom. (I’ve been using this Tea Tree and Cranberry Shower Gel.)

The purpose of this post isn’t to get you to wash your face more or to use the shower gel I’ve been using.

My point is this; how can we expect any kind of real results with anything if we don’t show up consistently?

How can we expect more blog readers, more Facebook Fans, more retweets if we don’t show up everyday or at the same time every week, consistently?

Same goes for our health, our relationships, our money, etc.

I’m starting with this small thing. Washing my face. Everyday for the next 6 weeks. After that, I’m going to try out another habit. Maybe it’ll be going for a walk everyday for 6 weeks.

Side Note: Leo of Zen Habits recommends making changes to our “bad” habits in 6 week increments. That’s how long it takes to ingrain a new habit into our routine AND if every six weeks you create a new healthy habit, each year you’ll have about 8 NEW habits achieved. And I don’t know about you, but that’s way more than I’ve had goin’ for myself in the past. 

Where can you show up more consistently for yourself? Are you willing to try it out with something small?