We Must Be Our Own Guide

Excuse me for a moment…


Okay, that’s better. Ehem.

This past Thursday I attended a birthing class with The Mister. The class walked us through what happens physically when you give birth and all of the possible scenarios we might encounter along the way.

In combination with the truckload of information we gained from the class and the opinions of other people in our lives I have felt a bit consumed by fear lately. 

When I woke up this morning, there was a comment left on one of my posts from a lovely lady named Nora who I hadn’t met before.

She randomly strolled onto my site through Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle, which,  oddly, I have never been a part of. Strange how The Universe works.

Nora said something that struck a chord, “listen to your inner truth through birth.”

Of course!” I thought. The fear I have been experiencing is caused by me taking on all of the statistics and other peoples experiences of what birth is.

Why should my birthing process be any different than the pregnancy I created (which has been pretty wonderful, by the way.)

Powerful lives are not created by following the guidance of others. Although, sometimes, listening to a wise soul can help pull us out of the holes we find ourselves in.

Our real strength and grace comes from listening to our voice. We must be our own guide. Tweet This!

This is me, surrendering, trusting, investing faith back in myself and the life I have created. I release any all fear I have around the birthing experience and I allow this to only deepen my connection to Self and Source.


Where have you been giving your power away? Are you willing to let go of that way of being and reinvest in yourself? Are you ready to be your own guide?

PS. The message of being my own guide came to me in a reading I had done by the amazing and gorgeous, Lori-Lyn Hurley.