What do *you* want Wednesday

Happy What do *you* want Wednesday! Each Wednesday I post a short little blog inviting you (and myself) to declare what it is we want in our lives to The Universe.

I decided to record a video for today’s post.

I must admit, when I started thinking about what it was I really wanted, I felt a little silly making this declaration. But I started thinking about what I might tell one of you if you felt like you’re desire was silly and decided to just got with it!

I know this post came a little late in the day for all of us, but I do hope you’ll still play along with me (even if it’s not Wednesday when you read this!)

So go right ahead, in the comment area below – declare what it is you truly desire in your life right now. I can’t wait to hear what it is and support you in your declaration!

PS. Since beginning the What do *you* want Wednesday posts, everything I’ve declared I wanted, I’ve made happen in form or another. Don’t take for granted the power that takes place when we make a declaration to our peers and The Universe!

Photo Credit: Syda Howery