What Do *You* Want, Wednesday

Lately I have felt rather consumed with the swirling energies of my life.

Between family events, to-dos for my new biz, preparing for the arrival of our little one (only 50 more days!), and maintaining the needs the of my clients, I feel as though I rarely have the time to just… stop.

It can be physically and emotionally exhausting to say the least.

I was sitting on my porch last weekend thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I thought about what it was that I really wanted. I had been spending most of my time thinking about all that I didn’t want.

We humans can do that. Get caught in the swirl and lost in time. 

So I decided to start What do *you* want Wednesday’s.

For your sake and mine.

Once a week we can come here to stop and ask ourselves what we really want in our lives and share it in the comment area below.

I’ll start us off…

Right now, in my life, I really want a sense of groundedness. I want my feet planted on the Earth and connected to nature around me. I want peace in my heart and in my mind. I want clear, Divinely guided inspiration – everyday.

I want to cherish the moments I spend with my husband even more than I already do. I want to savor these last 50 days of my pregnancy and clear my life for bundle of joy who is about to make way.

I want to experience and give love, deep love daily.

How about you? What do you want for your life on this Wednesday? I’d love for you to share below!