What Do You Want Wednesday: Joyously Giving

Happy What Do You Want Wednesday!

Today is the day we stop for a moment, take a deep breath + ask ourselves, what is it our spirit is craving right now? There is no declaration too big or small.

What do I want this Wednesday? Well, I would still like my little one to show himself. Especially today it being the 1st of August + a Full Moon n’ all. But as I have learned over the month of July, this is completely out of my control. 

We will, however, induce on Tuesday morning at 5:00AM if he has still not arrived on his own. Let’s cross our fingers that he does. I just don’t feel right forcing him out of me. 

Anywho – back to what I DO WANT.  

As I learned in this morning’s Meditation Circle, August is all about PLAY! What fun.

In the spirit of PLAY! I want to play an active role in giving more to the people in my life (including myself) in ways that are fun + joyous to me.

I’ve already began this process by saying YES! to creating some birthday cards for a friend to give to her friends + by doing some voluntary design work for my sister-in-laws photography biz.

In my last reading from Lori-Lyn my Guides shared this with me…

Your soul is most at peace when it is in service. It is serving in your natural way that opens you wider and wider to happiness. When you feel that your focus has become too latched to ideas that cause you unhappiness, shift your awareness into the act of giving and receiving. This does not have to be work, beloved. Flow in the stream of giving and receiving in small ways because it is there you find your self, careful to maintain your boundaries. Only say yes when your truest answer is yes and say no when your answer is no.

Just another affirmation matching the craving of my spirit in this moment.

Now it’s your turn. What do YOU want this Wednesday? Please share in the comment area below. I LOVE supporting you.