What Do You Want Wednesday: Releasing My Attachment to Expectations

Hello Beautiful One,

Happy What Do You Want Wednesday! The one day during the week stop for a moment to take a deep breath and ask ourselves, what is it our spirit is craving right now? But no matter what day of the week it is, I would still very much love for you to leave a comment below this post sharing what it is you desire right now. There is no declaration too big or small.

Last week I posted a short video sharing my own desires of calming groundedness within my pregnancy. Needless to say, I invested zero energy into that desire and instead, threw myself into a pool of expectations around the little one arriving NOW. 

To my surprise + disappointment, he didn’t come. Little Mister is still in my belly, brewing, waiting until the time is just right.

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday where I found out that I made no changes since the week before I became saddened, disappointed + to be completely honest, angry.

After spending some time with my art journal last night + writing out my thoughts, I know now that I had an extreme attachment to my own expectations, thus creating disappointment when a different outcome presented itself.

Note to self: Release attachment to expectations.

I woke up this morning feeling free from my expectations. And now, my spirit is craving even more art journaling, writing, cleaning and loving on The Mister. So that’s what I’ll do. 

There are places within me that need healing and I am going to trust that process by answering what my soul is calling me to do.

Now it’s your turn…

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and listen for a moment. Allow the voices in your head to quiet down. Ask yourself, what do you want this Wednesday? What would feed your soul + spirit? Leave your answer in the comment area below so we can all support you in your declaration.