What do *you* want Wednesday

It’s here again! That day of the week when we stop to ask ourselves what it is we really want in our lives.

I was pondering this last night as I journaled before bed. 

I am in my 34th week of pregnancy and with only 42 days left until my due date I find my only real craving to be writing.

Not just any kind of writing, magical writing. The kind that produces discovery and adventure. And the only real way to achieve that kind of writing is to practice more of it.

I’ve been longing to pull out my journals, magazines, scissors and glue sticks to create a visual expression of all the emotions and desires that are boiling within me.

I can feel them there, but without having taken the time needed to explore, I can’t really put my finger on exactly what they are.

Last night was the first time I made some space in my day to do just that and it felt incredibly satisfying. However, I am still longing for more. 

I printed out some of my favorite digital Polaroids today and plan on using them in some of my creations.

So there you have it. What do I want this Wednesday? I want to make more space in my life to put words on paper in a beautiful way. 

What do *you* want this Wednesday? Please share in the comment area below!