When Hugging Yourself Isn’t Enough

Self. Love.

That’s some heavy stuff.

With those words. Self. Love.

Comes years of; self. Punishment.

I’m too fat.

I eat too much crap.

I should be exercising more.


I should be exercising. Period.

I wish my clothes fit me better.

My writing isn’t good enough.

But. But. If I love myself more. I’ll be ignoring all of the areas that I need improvement.

I don’t want to give myself a hug. That’s stupid.

I don’t care how “good” it might feel.

I’d rather love other people that myself. That’s way more fun. And easier. Much.  Easier.

Who am I to adore myself? How could I even begin to accomplish that….

In February 2013, Lori-Lyn Hurley and myself are leading a 2 week course on Self-Love and all its many facets. It’s a thinking course. We call it Ponder. You’ll write. We’ll all share. And from it, Love will emerge.

A new conversation of what it means to love yourself.

Not the old, stinky, stale one that isn’t working for you.

Until February arrives, we are sending out free material to help you begin your journey. Sign up here to get your free stuff.