What is it you desire? Allow the waters to be your servant.

Galveston, Texas – February 2013

Our bellies were full of seafood.

We made our way down the seawall stairs and in moments, the cold ocean water met our toes.

I stood with wide eyes. Gazing over the ocean waves. And felt as though the tiny white caps were kneeling at my feet.

I heard the ocean calling; “what is it you desire, Megan? Allow our waters to be your servant.” 

And as I claimed my desire to the tide, it was as though the receding waters carried my prayers out into the Universe to be multiplied and amplified so wide and vast, even the angels heard the song.

I took a breath and held my arms  w i d e  open – surrendering to the flow. Trusting that where I am is right where I am suppose to be.

When I turned my back to the water, I felt as though I had an army of goddesses and mermaids willing to march in my honor. Because I am worth it.

I have never felt more like me. Never more comfortable in my own body, mind and spirit.  Never more grateful to just…. be…. me.

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