What you are doing; it’s enough.

It was 5:30PM CST. I was standing in the kitchen dicing potatoes for dinner. (Black bean, potato and cheese taco night.) 

I had just finished working on Lori-Lyn’s soon-to-be-released, brand spanking new website (on and off between taking care of a teething Sawyer) for the last 4 hours and had brought it damn near to completion.

When out of nowhere, my proud feeling of accomplishment was swept away by an internal conversation of not-enoughness. WTF. 

Where does my ego get the nerve to tell me I’m not doing enough?

Last week I claimed, for the first time, to myself (and a few close friends,) that I was going to actively pursue the avenue of graphic design. Something I’ve only dabbled in for friends, family and myself over the years.

Since then, clients have been P O U R I N G in.

I’ve been so proud of myself for how I’ve handled the work flow. I have a new enthusiasm for the work that I do and above all else, I truly care about my clients.

Way back in the day people did a lot less because they didn’t have tools and means to do more. But just because we can do more now, doesn’t mean we should.

So, to my ego, the one that keeps telling me I’m not doing enough, being enough, don’t have enough; you suck. And you can shove it.

When you’re not around, I feel pretty damn great about myself and my life.

Cheers to being awesome,