When Personal Power Is Calling to You

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“Magic exists. Who can doubt it when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic.” – Nora Roberts

Yesterday I messaged my friend, Michelle and asked if she wanted to go do an impromptu photoshoot. Nothing fancy. Just our phones, cute-selves, and nature’s beauty. She eagerly agreed, as most of my friends often do. We found ourselves in the cemetery, and along the water at Lake Clark Park, one of my favorite places in Ennis to hangout.

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There was a little green orb that showed up in the pictures taken of me in the cemetery. And it followed me to the water at Lake Clark. I’ll have pics of that, and some more story to go along with it later.

I talk to a lot of women in my life and business. There’s one thing for certain at this moment in time. We are being called to step into our personal power and confidence like never before.

Recently, I have gone through some life lessons that showed me just how much confidence and faith in myself I was lacking. The places I wasn’t showing up with my whole heart, because I was operating on 40% skill and talent and 60% completely terrified I would fail in some way.

After this particular project was complete, it was blatantly obvious all the other places I wasn’t showing up to support myself. And it’s still a work in progress, but I’m clear now, it’s a choice to step up and choose yourself instead of waiting around for someone else to do it for you.

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I want you to think about your relationships. In what ways are you putting any “issues” off on the other person? This isn’t just about taking responsibility. Though, that’s certainly a piece of it. Taking responsibility for your own personal power. This is more about you stepping into the driver’s seat. Realizing no one else dictates where you put your time, attention, and energy, other than you. You get to choose that. I get to choose that.

So, in your relationships, where are you not taking charge of your own destiny? What complaints do you have, that, instead of making a request and asking for what you want, you just stay silent? And sure, asking does not mean your request will be met. But that’s another conversation. First, we must be willing step into our personal power and ask for what we want. From the universe, from our lovers, our children (and our children’s Higher Spirit when they won’t listen).

Note to Self: Ask for what you want.

You get to make your choices. If another influences you in any one direction, that’s a choice too. Even more reason choose those who surround you very carefully.

KV of Aquarius Nation speaks on self-confidence here.

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What’s something you’re willing to choose, right now, to back yourself up with 100% confidence? Are you willing to let go of those doubts and fears? So that when they appear, because they will, you can say “Back up, yo – I got this.”

Believing in Myself & You,
♥ Megan