When you lose your magic…

I’ve never lived more in the moment, in the NOW, than I do these days.

A newborn’ll do that for you. 

Each day is a gift. Each dollar, each moment of quiet softness is a gift. Each cuddle with The Mister, every laugh from The Little – every conversation with a friend, each full night of rest, every glimpse at the stars. A gift.

Amidst the cuddles and giggles of gratitude my mind can get consumed by the dirty diapers and laundry. The not-so-fun-things. Sometimes, my magic gets lost. Hidden from my heart. Tucked away in the fog of daily to-dos.

But everywhere – I find reminders of joy. Reminders that tell me to create the life I love. They tell me I am not a victim of my circumstances – that magic is up to ME to create and no one else.

I find these reminders in my instagram stream. When The Mister gives me a hug. When I breast feed the baby. When family members offer to watch The Little for the night. When I devour a delicious dish. When I look in the mirror and feel pretty, oh-so-pretty.

They’re everywhere.

Where do you find reminders of the magic that is always available for us to tap into?

PS. Tuesday, September 18th I turn 26 years old. Wowza.