Where will we live?

Today, miracles happened. The skies opened up and the whispers of my Angels were fresh in my ears. So much time spent breathing away doubts, and filling myself up with faith had paid off.


This is the first thing I remember wanting so specifically in quite some time. Perhaps since we had Sawyer (my almost 4-year-old). Earlier this year, and months and days and many more years before that, I dreamed of owning my own home.

Imagined the piece of property it would rest on and the features it would have. A porch that went on for days. But all the while, I saw it happening many years in the future. When my hair was turning grey and I was much wiser than I am now.


Meanwhile, I keep asking for expansion. I keep telling the universe when I found those moments that feel stagnant, that what I want is to expand into the best version of myself. The highest possible path. Whenever we ask for things, the path we envision taking to get there always looks so different in our mind than what actually ends up finding us.

A few days ago – right after Mercury went direct, actually. I came home from my Asheville trip. Still uncertain about what we wanted to do about our housing situation. Buy the house we’ve been renting for 6 years, or rent something temporarily until we find a house we do want or settle for something we can fix up and sell later, just so there’s no in between.

We had all the choices and truth be told, I could have made the best out of whatever hand was dealt. But this other part of me. She kept surrendering and feeling like something great was just around the corner. I kept feeling called to keep all of our options open. Keep my eyes wide and take it all in until the clouds parted and clarity found us.

And then…

We stumbled upon an amazing property. The perfect place. The Mister both immediately agreed and I felt a huge wave of peace wash over me just standing in the driveway. This space was a yes. We put in a bid. Out of 5 offers, they chose us and the whole time, I am praying, “If it is in my best possible, highest path I am willing and ready to receive.” And they chose us.


Now, this is only phase one of the buying process, and there are no guarantees. Many things could happen between now and then. If, for whatever reason this ends up not being the house that chooses us, I am committed to receiving this or something better.

I still have so much to get in order to make this dream a reality. But I can feel it coming closer.

I will be taking all the steps between where we are now and owning this beautiful home. I will keep the faith that we land exactly where we need to be in absolutely perfect space. Any perceived obstacles are just steering my path. I envision myself playing with Sawyer in the yard and relaxing on the oversized, welcoming back porch. I see The Mister tinkering and building in his magnificent workshop space. I’m calling it in. I receive with open arms. I am worthy. We are worth it and we’ll figure out the rest.

♥ Shout-out to the best realtor in Ennis, Texas Amelia Valdez. She’s got the magic touch!

The best is yet to come,
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