Why do we dismiss the miraculous?

Last night I was standing in the kitchen. The Mister had come home from work not too long before that.

I don’t know what it was that shifted in my mind’s eye, but in this particular moment when I looked at him I felt immense gratitude. Pure love.

I stopped what I was doing and gave him and deep hug. It was soulfully gratifying.

In an episode of Modern family we watched a few weeks back, Claire and Cam pulled together and created a baseball field out of an old, trashed abandoned lot for their kids. When their husbands, Phil and Mitchell showed up to see the baseball field for the first time they were taken back at how well they had pulled it off. It was a beautiful collaboration between the two of them.

Something was brought to my attention…

It seems that when we are with people for a long time, whether they are our significant others, family members, friends – whoever; when people exist in our lives for long periods of time we become blind to the miracles that they are and the miracles they perform.

And often, the very reasons we fell in love with them in the first place.

It has become the mission of marriage, not for the lack of love, but for my devotion to it, to continuously be present to the miracle that is my husband, daily. How he shows up in the world; for me, for our son…. beauty.

Who have you been taking for granted lately? In what ways are you dismissing that they are miraculous? In what ways are you dismissing that YOU are miraculous?