Winter Group Sessions Now Open!

Hello There Soul Sister,

I’ve created something for you from the depths of my cravings. As I write this, I imagine that you are here with me. In my dining room, complete with a red wall, some candles, burning incense, and a round table that supports an endless circle of honest communication and intimate connection.

As I look into your eyes I can feel how full heart is. At times you may not be clear on what the physical manifestations of your desires will come to be,  and other times you might find yourself with crystal clear vision and complete certainty of what you want. Right down to the scent that will fill the air.

Regardless of where you stand with your vision, your heart remains filled; over flowing even – with possibility.

However, there is something only a few people know about you. As deeply as you feel happiness, enthusiasm, love, and pure joy – you experience pain, suffering, yearning, loneliness, and sadness just as deeply. And though you may generally spend more time feeling “good” than you do “bad“, the depth of what you are experience penetrates equally.

At times you may find yourself wanting to reach out for help, support, or just someone to talk to. But where do you go? Where you you begin? And will it really make a difference? 

It can be easier to stay quiet than to reach out. To bury ourselves under the covers. To continue doing what we’ve always done. Hide. For fear of what we might have to do should the truth come out. For fear of what might have to change…

“I’ll speak my truth out loud about this someday.

But today… I’ll just sleep instead.”

What if there was a place you could go on a weekly basis to be heard, held, and supported? A place where you and your words were valued. Where you have the space to explore your truths without criticism or judgment. A place where the conversations are guided for your experiential pleasure and healing is always priority #1. A place where truth is not only something that will liberate you, but also an act that has the possibility of awakening You.

This is where my offering comes in…

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