Wishing you space

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I’ve kind of been afraid of coming here lately. To this site. To write.

For so long, this website has not only been a place for me to be honest with myself, but it was also a place for me to generate income. Which tends to place a “tone” on things.

But now; now I am doing something different. My work doesn’t revolve around the things that I share here, in fact it’s something else entirely.

And I know. I know that really, it’s all tied together in way or another.

But somehow, someway РI feel a shift. A separation of the two in a really powerful way. Just because I am a web-designer, does not mean that I am not spiritual.

That was a breakthrough for me. Because for some reason, I felt that if I was one, I could not be the other.

But I know. I know that really, it’s all tied together in one way or another.

I’ve been naggy lately. Particularly to my husband. I don’t enjoy feeling this way. So tonight. The night before the full moon, I stood outside. Stretched my arms out wide and prayed to receive a miracle. A shift in my perception.

I prayed for peace.

And as I sit here typing this, I feel my prayer has already been answered.

Wishing you Space on this Full Moon,

Megan Monique