Yesterday we moved into the Your Spirit Sparkle space…

Well, yesterday we moved into our space. After we got all the boxes unpacked and as much put away as we could for the time being, Heather and I sat down together – each working on our own things. I had my journal out, looking around at where we were. It still seems crazy to me that we have our own offices. The question I get a lot is “so what is #YourSpiritSparkle exactly?” It makes me smile every time I hear it. Sure – I can put our mission into one line.

Your Spirit Sparkle is a resource to aid you in bringing healing and alignment to your life through spiritual conversations, meditation, massage, and movement.

But really – Your Spirit Sparkle is a state of mind. I want our space to be similar to our online courses in that, you get your very own, deeply personal experience of the information we provide. We show you various pathways, you create some of your own and you have a community of support around you while you make these new choices that leave you feeling happier in your life. No one tells you that your wrong for feeling however you feel, or even that you need to change it. You make the choices. We just hold up the mirror so that you can see what lies at the depth of your soul (because we already can).

On the eve of our moving into the Your Spirit Sparkle space Heather and I said a blessing. We put out a call for any and all Goddesses who were looking for their tribe, more support, more love in their life – more wellness overall – body, mind, soul. Send them to us. Let us physically begin to build this beacon of light within our community. May everyone who enters our space, leave feeling better. A simple wish. But oh, how it could change everything.

I am so excited about this adventure. I’m also terrified. But more than anything, I’m ready. This is what I’ve been asking for. You notice, upon expansion, there is an immediate desire to contract (like next day). It is important that you do not. Close your eyes and breathe into the new space. Stretch out. Do not rush to fill it up. Be here now, in this moment. Do this thing in front of you with as much love as you can muster. Be grateful. Surrender. Trust. Show up again in the next moment.

We’re taking off into the stars. Won’t you join us?
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