You will find yourself in joy


I’ve been receiving a lot of energy work lately.

My weekly SoulSparks from Lori-Lyn Hurley help me stay focused and in alignment with the highest purpose of my energy for the week ahead. I truly look forward to receiving them every Monday morning. They are warm and filled with love and I can literally feel it through the screen.

I’ve also been working with a lovely named Caroline Bobart. We’ve been on a 8 week journey together, clearing energetic blocks that keep my disassociated and out-of-love with my body.

On Sunday I went to the New World Psychic Fair near where I live and received a Quantum Healing session for the first time. It was unique and interesting. The best way I can describe my experience is that it felt like I was vibrating and all of the loose pieces of dust and things that didn’t belong in my space anymore fell away.

After that I got a chair massage, where my deceased Grandmother came to visit me (via the massage therapist who is apparently somewhat of a medium as well.)

My Grandmother told me, “those were different times” and I cried. I’m still crying thinking about it. To me, that means let go of what you think you know. The past is the past and now is now.

All of this energy work. All of these things I’m working on have really stirred me up. I’m super emotional, vulnerable, soft, gentle, delicate, present and mostly, just open. But more than anything, I feel like ME for the first time since I had my baby. Which is, well, almost a year ago.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to share the most valuable thing I’ve learned in this last year. Something that’s been represented me time and time again. There is no greater gift on Earth than knowing who you are and choosing to live it. Everyday.

You are a gift and your only purpose here is to experience JOY the very best that you can. Where you find your joy, you will find yourself.